Welcome to this website which contains information and resources relating to Neuropsychology. The website has been designed by Narinder Kapur, Honorary Consultant Neuropsychologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and visiting Professor of Neuropsychology at University College London (UCL).

The website is primarily intended for professionals in medical, legal and related fields, though members of the public may also find some items of interest.

A new COVID-secure has been set up at the clinic, based in Harrow, where only one patient is seen at a time, with a maximum of two patients per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The testing room is well-ventilated, with patio doors in the testing room. Test materials and other items are regularly wiped with anti-bacterial swipes before and after every patient encounter.

Assessments are carried out by only one clinician (Dr Narinder Kapur, consultant neuropsychologist, who has recently published an article on Coronavirus in the British Medical Journal), with no other staff in the building. PPE equipment such as plastic gowns and gloves are used, with masks/visors and sanitising dispensers available for use where appropriate. An oximeter is also available.

Some sample feedback from patients seen in Dr Kapur’s clinic –

Thank you so much for your time last night to explain in detail the report that you had sent and translate it into language that I understood

I am always grateful to see Dr Kapur and for the time he spends with me. His visit to me was very helpful and helped me to focus on the positive aspects of the ways ahead.

Lovely man , seeing him made me feel better , just that alone . Also I think going forward long term seeing the professor will help me . Thank you Kind regards

Professor Kapur was friendly, patient and reassuring. I appreciated his willingness to repeat and explain things. As I am hard of hearing I found his speech a bit muffled and fast at time.

Dr Narinder was on time and in fact waiting for me so did not have to wait at all. He explained the process and purpose well of the tests. He ensured I had enough breaks as it is very difficult for me to maintain focus and concentration for long periods. He listened to my concerns and also made me feel at ease.

Thank you so much indeed for everything. You are a wonderful person and I’m so, so grateful for what you’ve done for me. The world needs people like you!