Shark Attack Memory Game

Try out the new brain training game, Shark Attack, now available on App Store and Google Play.

This is one of the first brain training games designed by a practising clinical neuropsychologist, Professor Narinder Kapur, Visiting Professor of Neuropsychology at University College London and honorary consultant neuropsychologist at Imperial College NHS Trust. It is also one of the first games designed with principles of cognitive neuroscience in mind, with a focus on visuospatial memory.

Shark Attack asks the player to save the lives of swimmers by caging sharks that are encircling swimmers. Sharks surround some swimmers in a lagoon. The player simply has to remember which swimmers were surrounded by sharks. Swimmers can be saved by the player touching a swimmer, and this then places a cage around the shark. Points are scored for the number of sharks successfully caged. Music accompanies actions in the game, and there is applause from beachgoers when sharks are successfully caged.

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