Southampton Memory Clinic

A new private memory clinic service is available in Southampton. Patients with memory problems can receive a neuropsychological assessment to help understand their memory problems, and also be given advice, training and aids to help with their memory. Self-funding and health insurance funding are both accepted. The service is run by Dr Narinder Kapur, who is past-President of the British Neuropsychological Society and Visiting Professor of Neuropsychology at University College London, and who has written books and papers on memory disorders. Dr Kapur can be contacted at – or 07830 117345. Ideally, patients should have a referral letter from their GP or consultant.

The clinic also accepts medicolegal referrals for brain injury and clinical negligence compensation cases.

Some of the proceeds from the clinic will go towards the Nurse Amin Abdullah Award fund, set up by Dr Kapur at Southampton University Hospitals Trust to promote NHS staff wellbeing.