Memory Aids


This listing is not meant to be detailed or exhaustive, nor meant to be an endorsement of products from the sites. Some of the sites are based overseas.

In addition, some web sites may lapse over time.


Stationary Memory Aids Post-it materials, whiteboards, etc. A range of Post-it notes and related materials Filofaxes and diaries Mini notepads with pen (USA site) A wide range of pens, including 4-colour and mini-pens Stationary items including noticeboards, pen clips etc.



Electronic Storage Aids Voice recorders and alarm devices Voice recorder and related products



Medication Reminders Medication reminder alarms, etc. Medication reminder alarms, etc. Medication reminder alarms, etc. Medication reminders, voice reminders, wrist-phone Vibration cuing devices, etc. Vibrating alarm and other products Alarm watches, pill-boxes & multi-alarm ‘stick’ A range of pillboxes and related reminder devices


Location Detection Location detection devices Location detection devices



Other Memory Aids Clocks that specifically indicate day of the week In-car reminders Low cost electronic and mechanical tally counters Paging system in UK for memory impaired Camera that automatically photographs through the day, photos can be downloaded and played like a movie



Generic Memory Aid Websites Specially-designed handheld devices for communication and memory needs Software and hardware for learning and communication needs Easy to see clocks, large font keyboards and home devices including telecare, panic alarms and pill dispensers A range of healthcare aids, disability aids and mobility aids



Sites offering aids
for Specific Conditions Memory aids and resources for those with dementia and related conditions Memory aids for those suffering from memory loss Memory aids for those suffering from memory loss Information and aids for people with dementia A range of cognitive aids to assist independent living Reminder devices for the visually impaired Products for the blind and partially sighted ‘Photo phone’ & devices for the hearing impaired A range of aids for the hearing or visually impaired Healthcare, mobility and lifestyle products for elderly / disabled people Hardware, software, gadgets and other technologies for dyslexia



Other Informative Sites Practical advice on a range of daily living aids, including medication reminders and day-date clocks Information about cognitive and related aids by the Foundation for Assistive Technology